In 1989 two families decided to join forces and open Hillside Tavern in Lynnwood, Pretoria. On 18 October 1989 Hillside’s doors opened for business and the rest is really history.

For many years, Francois, Nicola, Pierre and Karin worked together as a close team to build a popular and successful brand in the restaurant industry. Hillside twice won the coveted Golden T Bone award, sponsored by the Sunday Times for the best Steakhouse in South Africa.

During the years since then Hillside had the privilege to be runner up to the winner more than once for the Chateau Libertas Top Steakhouse in South Africa award.

Our most important goal all these years has been to offer our customers a complete gastronomic experience, including only the best possible food, prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, friendly yet professional service in a warm and inviting atmosphere. This has been the reason for the success story of Hillside over the past 26 years.

Since they split from their partners some years ago, Francois and Nicola concentrated on giving Hillside a brand new lease on life. The Restaurant has had a complete revamp, giving it fresh new and inviting ambience. Hillside also boasts with a brand new patio outside and then there is our ever inviting popular and intimate pub for a drink after a long day at work.

During 2015 Hillside reached the top 20 of 139 Restaurants competing in the national Wolftrap Steakhouse competition, to go through to the final round of the competition. Hillside also received an award by a Beijing based institution for the “Top Choice” Restaurant in Gauteng, as voted by the Asian/Chinese community and tourists.